The Cowboy Trail

Just as you pass the town of Granum on Hwy. 2, going north toward Calgary, you come upon an unexpected configuration. On the outside of the hedge that runs along the border of the Granum Cemetery, you see a single grave.

It seems that Mary was denied a proper Christian burial.

There’s a lot of speculation about why that is. And if anyone knows, he’s not saying. There are a number of theories, though. But that’s all we have at this point. Theories.

Yet, there’s an ongoing interest in Mary. People sometimes set things on her headstone, for example, or leave small gifts such as the chips and bars you see in the photo above.

But what if her grave is not outside the cemetery? Just outside the hedge? What if? What if? What if? one might ask.

And the more you think about it, the curiouser and curiouser it gets, as Alice would likely say, with wonder.


I recently went to The Camera Store in Calgary and came home via the Cowboy Trail, Hwy. 22.

There was an 80 km/h wind most of the day, and it was just at the freezing mark. I’m not sure how successfully my heavy tripod and even my lens with three to four stops of VR handled that wind.

So if any of these photos aren’t tack sharp, let’s blame the weather. Agreed?

I hope you enjoy the slideshow.

I’ve become quite curious about Mary over the last couple years, and as time goes by, I hope I’ll have more to say about her.



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