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In case you missed it, I’m going to repeat most of what I said on my “Welcome” page.

Some of you might have been wondering what’s going on. I have a cover, and I have a finished novel, and I’ve decided how I want to publish it. So what’s the holdup?

Well, I had the idea a few months back of creating a companion book on this website to augment The Parking Ticket, which I intend to publish as an e-book on Kindle Select.

Charlie Kristofferson, for example, one of my main characters, decides to hike all seventeen trails listed in the Hiking Map and Guide for the Waterton Lakes National Park, which is in the province of Alberta, Canada.

The Akamina Ridge ends up being one of his favorite hikes, even though it does involve some scrambling. It is 18.3 kilometers long and has an elevation gain of 975 meters, almost a kilometer. Straight up in places. But he soon learns that going up is far less painful than coming down.

However, the view from the top of the ridge is absolutely spectacular.

So I decided to include some photos of that view to help those who’ve never hiked in the mountains to visualize what Charlie saw.

And I did the same kind of thing with the scenes and events in thirty other chapters, as well.

But instead of adding all the photos of the scenes and events in those chapters to my novel, I’ve posted them here in a companion book. That way, I can share more photos than I’d be able to if I added them to the novel itself, and I can change them if I wish.

I’ve also included additional information about those scenes and events, which might be of interest to the reader, but which would likely disrupt the flow of the chapters if I’d included it there.

Each of the chapters in The Parking Ticket with photos and additional information in my companion book has a (P) beside the date in its title. For example:

PART I    CHAPTER 1 –  2018 (P)

The (P) indicates the option of going to the companion book for that particular chapter whenever it suits.

This approach, I hope, will enrich the reader’s experience.

And now that the companion book’s published, I’ll be able to upload The Parking Ticket as soon as I read it through one more time.

Meanwhile, I can get more serious about my next novel, which I’ve already started.

And one final thought: If you enjoy reading The Parking Ticket even a fraction as much as I enjoyed writing it, then I suspect you’re about to embark on a worthwhile journey.


In my Blog section, immediately following “Part XIII – Chapter 17 – 2018” on my “Post Index,” I’ve grouped a few of the photos I used in the thirty-two chapters of The Companion Book for The Parking Ticket into one post.

I’m assuming some of you might enjoy looking through them without having to read the commentaries.

If, of course, you are curious about one of the photos and would like to know more about it, you could go to its particular chapter in The Companion Book.


Again, in my Blog section, following “C. THE PHOTOS” on the “Post Index,” I have begun posting aphorisms. An aphorism is a single thought or observation that is stated in as few words as possible. A well-known example is Nietzsche’s, “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Each Sunday, when I upload a new aphorism, I move the previous Sunday’s to the end of the aphorisms in “My Previously-Posted Aphorisms.” This will keep them in chronological order, and at times they might even seem to grow out of the ones above.



To go to a specific post below, click on the title.




Part I  –  Chapter 1  –  2018

Part I  –  Chapter 2  –  1996

Part I  –  Chapter 3  –  2006

Part I  –  Chapter 4  –  2007

Part I  –  Chapter 5  –  2008

Part I  –  Chapter 7  –  2008


Part II  –  Chapter 5  –  2008

Part II  –  Chapter 11  –  1997


Part III  –  Chapter 11  –  1970s


Part IV  –  Chapter 5  –  2009

Part IV  –  Chapter 8  –  2009


Part V  –  Chapter 1  –  2009


Part VI  –  Chapter 1  –  2010

Part VI  –  Chapter 2  –  2010

Part VI  –  Chapter 7  –  2010

Part VI  –  Chapter 11  –  2010

Part VI  –  Chapter 12  –  2010

Part VI  –  Chapter 13  –  2010


Part VII  –  Chapter 1  –  2010

Part VII  –  Chapter 6  –  2010


Part VIII  –  Chapter 3  –  2010

Part VIII  –  Chapter 5  –  2010

Part VIII  –  Chapter 9  –  2010

Part VIII  –  Chapter 10  –  2010


Part IX  –  Chapter 1  –  2011

Part IX  –  Chapter 4  –  2011

Part IX  –  Chapter 8  –  2011

Part IX  –  Chapter 16  –  2011


Part X  –  Chapter 5  –  2010

Part X  –  Chapter 9  –  2010


Part XIII  –  Chapter 13  –  2008

Part XIII  –  Chapter 17  –  2018



Some Photos from The Companion Book for The Parking Ticket



(See below for C. THE PHOTOS.)

1b.) Getting Started

2b.) I Think My Novel Will Have to Be an E-book

3b.) How I Suspect My Writing Takes Care of Itself

4b.) What Might Happen If I Let Someone Edit My Novel?

5b.) How I Ready Myself

6b.) Overwhelmed?

7b.) Anybody Want a Free Novel?

8b.) I’ve Changed My Mind for Now about the Free Novel

9b.) Congress Sings the Swan Song of the United States of America

10b.) I’m Concerned about Infringing on Other People’s Copyrights

11b.) 13 – 26 – 3 – 9 – 1 + 3 = 4 – All of the above

12b.) I Want My Old Life Back

13b.) Being Rained Out Is OK

14b.) Charlie and Those Big Bighorn Rams

15b.) My Life and My World – Revised and Upgraded

16b.) Rindercella – Charlie’s Version




(See below for D. MY APHORISMS.)

(I almost always shoot fully manual. I use Live View – magnified at 10x, a loupe, manual focus, a circular polarizer, ISO 64, manual-focus lenses, and a tripod.)

1c.) Fog Shots

2c.) The Cowboy Trail

3c.) The Akamina Ridge

4c.) My Avatar and His Family

5c.) Firing Up My Birdbath

6c.) The Breakfast Club

7c.) Tick Season – Telephoto Time

8c.) A Hairassing Tail About Two Close Friends




This Sunday’s Aphorism: 2022 January 16 – Enjoy Boredom

My Previously-Posted Aphorisms

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