Part VIII – Chapter 3 – 2010

The feature photo above is a photo Charlie took of a painting Jillian made out in Waterton park when she and Roz came to Lethbridge to visit him and BJ for a few days.


And below is a photo Charlie took of the painting Roz liked the most of the ones she did. She liked the stability of those triangles, although circles would have better, she’d said. Even more peaceful.

She preferred painting pacific scenes with just a hint of action, such as that lazy hawk floating on those gentle thermals and perhaps occasionally glancing at its mate down below to its right. That was action enough.

For her, the more tranquility, the better. She wasn’t a fan of tensions of any kind. And Randy had learned to live with that.

A Painting by Roz

Jillian’s paintings, however, often had a raw energy about them. She much preferred ruggedness and a sense of drama. She did paint a couple like Roz’s, but this was her favorite.

A Painting by Jillian

Charlie liked Jillian’s stuff better. A lot better. He liked nature in all its rawness.

When he and BJ moved from Saskatoon to the Arnscourt Villas in 2006, he was immediately taken with the fairly frequent high winds for which Lethbridge is known.

He really enjoyed watching branches and leaves lashing about with abandon in those savage, wilding winds, in the same way that he enjoyed watching the raw energy of white caps on rivers and lakes, or curling waves exploding onto an ocean’s rocky shoreline.

Nature, for him, was most alive at those times.

Those wonderfully warm and windless days of summer that other people seemed to crave were anathema to him.

If he wanted that kind of tranquility, he could always take a nap.


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