Part VI – Chapter 2 – 2010

Canadas at the west end of Nicholas Sheran Park, Lethbridge


BJ and Charlie agreed that it would be safe for him to hike into Cameron Lake the next day by himself so he could check it off his list.

Below is Nicholas Sheran Lake in the wintertime. Charlie and BJ had been walking around the lake when BJ got after him for ignoring her.

In the first photo, these Canada Geese are standing on ice, and they must be wondering if maybe they should have migrated south when the others went. Two weeks later, given the photo on the right, they’re probably no longer wondering.

This is the Red Shoe Pub on Cape Breton Island that BJ referred to.

On their walk, she’d reminded him, once again, that his obsession with getting great shots at the Red Shoe had caused him to miss out on an amazing Acadian Tourtière since he’d let his get cold. And he’d also miss out on a crazy Celtic fiddler, and two equally amazing step dancers, and a wonderfully warm gingerbread dessert. All wasted on him because his mind was elsewhere.

And all that sneaking around for those “great shots” that he seldom even bothers to process was quite embarrassing to watch.

And here is BJ’s other complaint. The trip was meant to be quality time with Charlie’s sister and brother-in-law, who they didn’t get to see very often. But when the four of them were supposed to be sightseeing, he was always someplace else. Usually someplace a way behind them, photographing.

And finally — — —

The Buddha
Wake up!

“Good gosh, Charlie, Life, with a capital L, is so much grander than what you see through a viewfinder. But to fully experience that grandeur, and to fully enjoy it, you have to smell it, and taste it, and feel it, and hear it. You have to be in the moment. And it saddens me when you’re not.

“Looking at life through that viewfinder of yours captures very little of what’s out there.

“I can’t believe I have to keep reminding a man who reads so much Zen to honor the moment. To embrace it. To savor it. But it seems I do, don’t I?

“Sweetie, you need to reread Kerouac’s Wake Up, that wonderful book you value so much, and you need to do what he says. You need to purify your jar of muddy water.”


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