Part IV – Chapter 5 – 2009

Charlie spends as much time as he can out in Waterton Lakes National Park. He prefers photographing and hiking out there from mid-September until the snows melt in the spring.

There are no ticks during those months and very few tourists.

Here are some typical winter scenes he sees on his way out to the park.

And some scenes he sees as he turns onto Hwy. 5 and heads in toward the townsite.

Looking south across Emerald Bay.

The townsite itself.

Finally, it’s tourist and tick time in Waterton.

The townsite in summer seen from across the bay.

On the way into the townsite.

The drive out to the park from Lethbridge.

Actually, Charlie enjoys the drive out to the park so much that sometimes he doesn’t even make it all the way there.

He’s learned not to pass up a good photo op en route simply because he’s assuming the light in the park will be better.


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