Part III – Chapter 11 – 1970s

These are Canada Geese, on the off chance that there’s someone who has never seen one up close.

Canadas and Their Goslings
A happy pair with their newly-hatched brood

Normally, Canadas lay five to six eggs. Here we have seven goslings.

Saskatchewan is at the northern end of the Central Flyway for Canada Geese in North America, and Ducks Unlimited Canada is working especially hard to conserve their habitats southeast of Saskatoon, which, of course, makes Davidson, an hour southeast of Saskatoon, a prime area for hunting Canadas.

Limiting out in such areas is not unusual at all.

Gliding down into a slough in the wetlands near Davidson

Some examples of these habitats.

Jack and his two friends had just limited out on Canadas and were having a beer in Pauline’s Pub in Davidson when they came up with the idea of turning Jack’s empty storage shed into a pistol range.

He’d acquired the shed when he bought his father’s farm. And since he’d subsequently given up on farming, it was empty now.

The shed was two hundred feet long and sixty-five feet wide with walls ten inches thick and twelve feet high. All heavily reinforced with rebar.

This range is where Randy did his shooting every second Saturday.

Note: I intend to add a photo or two of Davidson in a few weeks to show the area that Jack preferred over living in Regina.



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