Tick Season – Telephoto Time

On Tuesday’s trip to Waterton Lakes National Park, my intention was to use only my 70-200 mm FL ED telephoto with my TC-20E III extender on one D810 body and my 50 mm manual f/1.2 on the other 810. All Nikon stuff.

Once the tick season starts, that’s it for kneeling or lying on the ground with my 20 or 24 mm wide-angles. I feel much safer with a 400 mm telephoto, preferably while sitting in the car with the window down and the lens foot resting on a piece of foam. I wouldn’t want to call that a tick phobia, but it’s probably pretty damn close.

One of the highlights of the day was to find Wieners of Waterton open for the season. They’d been open on the weekends all winter, but this was the first full week. I had the usual, a Local Smokie and a Diet Pepsi.

I told them about my Post 12a, where Jack Kerouac told me to go out to Wieners for a Smokie. But they didn’t know Jack Kerouac, or even Bob Dylan. It was like in my English classrooms when I’d forget and mention someone such as Cassius Clay years after he’d become Muhammad Ali. Blank stares.

But if the folks at Wieners had mentioned some of the people they were interested in, I would no doubt have been the one with the blank stare.

Here’s some of the stuff I got on my trip to the Park. These telephoto shots were all at 400 mm except for the reflection. It was at 300 mm.

And just two from my 50 mm manual.

But I could easily go back to the f/11 version the second I post this. That’s one of the things I like most about art forms. I get to choose.


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