The Breakfast Club

Having breakfast and watching the boys.

Breakfast With The Deer
Some days we can have eight or nine of these bucks relaxing on our back lawn.

You might assume I’m sitting here thinking, “Isn’t it wonderful to have deer chewing their cud ten to fifteen feet away while I have a jam sandwich.” And that’s partly true. In fact, I work this very scenario into my novel:

The deer, usually moms and fawns, tended to gather on Charlie and BJ’s back lawn and spend the day licking each other, and chewing their cud, and checking for fallen seeds under the bird feeders.

Often the deer stood within two or three feet of their nearly floor-to-ceiling kitchen window watching them eating breakfast or lunch. BJ was afraid that someday something would startle one, and it would come crashing through right into the kitchen.

Charlie especially enjoyed watching them chewing their cud. A deer would lie quietly for perhaps five or ten seconds, then gently convulse its abdomen, beginning at its flanks, and the contraction would ripple forward to its neck. A fist-sized lump of partly-chewed food from its first stomach would then bulge up its neck and into its mouth.

The deer would divide this larger lump, some into each cheek, and the chewing would begin anew. It would slowly work on a smaller portion of the food, usually with its eyes closed, then swallow. Sometimes it would stop chewing for a while. Charlie suspected it had dozed off.

Absolute contentment.

I wish I could do that, BJ. Convulse. Wait. Pizza. Great for meetings, movies, long drives. Simply zone out and enjoy that pizza one more time.

Just don’t do it around me, sweetie.

It’d be even better than pizza burps.” BJ groaned and rolled her eyes.

But there’s a definite downside for the birdbath.

Remember in Post 5b, I said I really enjoyed keeping the birdbath full, so I could watch the birds cavorting around, especially when a number of them all got going at the same time? Well check this out.

There are four yearling fawns that are exactly the right height for the birdbath. They don’t even have to bend down to drink. They just rest their chins on the edge. But at least the fawns don’t drink that much.

The big bucks do have to bend down a wee bit, but one of them can empty the birdbath without even stopping to take a breath.

I’d certainly be happier if they’d leave the birdbath alone and stick to sparring.

And check out this little trick:

Snacking On Ornamental Cherries
These guys are quite creative when they need to be.

I’ve seen deer on occasion stand up like that in the backyard, even on one foot sometimes, and slap the bird feeders again and again to knock out the seeds for their fawns. But so far, I haven’t had my camera with me when I’ve seen them do that.

I used to try to chase the deer away from the birdbath, but a week or so ago I decided not to do that anymore. I’ve decided that they have as much right to a drink as the birds do. Either that, or I just got tired of chasing them away. Sometimes I have a bit of a lazy streak.


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