Part I – Chapter 7 – 2008

Mea culpa. Really culpa.

I fully intended to go to Fox Valley and Maple Creek at the end of August 2018 and photograph those two towns and the nearby sand dunes, so I could add in the photos for this chapter.

I wanted you to see where Randy and Wayne lived before they left for university.

But way led on to way, and I didn’t get there. So now you’ll have to wait until August 2019 to see what the area looks like.

And I just realized that I have to post “Part I, Chapter 7” to my website before I upload The Parking Ticket to Kindle Select, which I hope to do in the next month or two, because if I don’t post it, it won’t be available for the novel’s “Table of Contents.”

It’ll be easy to update this post later on. I can just take out what’s here and add in the photos that I should have taken earlier. But it would be much more difficult to update the novel once it’s published.

So this is really a filler-post.

And I decided to include a photo of a horse’s ass, if I had one, to explain quite clearly how I felt about not getting the job done in the first place.

I have no good shots of a horse’s ass, however, but I happened upon the featured photo above. And since Grey Cup is tomorrow, way led on to way, once again, and I came up with the email below to go with the photo.

I actually did send this email to a few people.


The email:

Subject: A Grey Cup Precognition

Here it is, folks!!!

The Calgary Stampeders’ starting quarterback, Bo Levi Mitchell, is setting up the perfect bootleg.

But then he looks over at Roan and says, “You gallop deep left just in case Ottawa blitzes the bootleg. And gallop this time, dammit. Don’t Ambles.”


PS Markeith Ambles will likely be a starting receiver for Calgary.

UPDATE July 7, 2019

This is an even bigger mea culpa. Much bigger. I forgot about this “filler-post,” and I’ve included the Fox Valley and Maple Creek photos in Part XIII, Chapter 13. So, if you wish to see them, that’s where they are. Sorry about that.


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