Part I – Chapter 4 – 2007

This fawn is probably about four hours old, and it probably hasn’t moved since the doe left it there. But, as you’ll see below, it’s just about to start getting to know its new body.


Charlie took this photo of their backyard just after they moved in and just before the condo association replaced that old wooden fence with a new high-tech, plastic one.

This is where Charlie and BJ spent so many of their mornings. The sand on the bricks is intentional, please note. He’s filling in the spaces.

One morning, just before lunch a year or two after they’d moved in, he looked out and immediately called BJ. Quietly.

Four hours old

When Charlie first saw the fawn, he thought it was a cat or a small dog. It was so little.

Apparently, a deer three houses down had had twins four hours earlier and had immediately separated them. She’d moved one of them to the base of this elm tree, to the side facing the house.

Charlie had never seen a newborn before. Nor had BJ.

And they were surprised at how often it yawned. BJ thought it might be exercising its new lungs to get them functioning properly.

And then the standing up and stretching, this time with no mom to coach it or support it.

The fawn really struggled, but getting up would be far easier than getting down. Getting down took several minutes and several face-plants. Sometimes it would just stand there, probably wondering what to do next.

It would lower its front end – face-plant. Then stand up. Then its back end. Then both at once. It was really quite funny, but quite painful, to watch.

However, in a couple days both fawns were fully mobile and romping around together. But never too far away from mom.

A mom and her fawn

That’s the new fence mentioned up above. BJ was disappointed at first that she couldn’t hang her big flower arrangements on it as she’d done with the old one.

Now she had to use hangers and much, much smaller flower baskets. Not quite the same. But then the new fence looked so much better.


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