Part I – Chapter 3 – 2006

At Arnscourt Villas, we often have a dozen or more of these mule deer, as well as hares, and cottontail rabbits, and all kinds of birds, including Canada Geese honking overhead on their way to and from feeding in our local farmers’ fields. At times, it feels as if we’re living in a nature preserve. And we love it.


Charlie enjoyed sitting at their kitchen table and looking out at the grove of trees on the other side of their back fence. In the fall, this tree, the closest tree, was his favorite.

Fall colors
This tree was also beautiful in the winter with its branches laden with snow.

In the front room, he loved watching the change of seasons from the comfort and safety of his big, red, reclining La-Z-Boy while sipping a cup of coffee.

Charlie often told BJ how thankful he was that she’d found Lethbridge, and especially Arnscourt Villas, when they decided to move from Saskatoon. All this beauty sans garage bands and barking dogs.

He couldn’t see how Orillia, Ontario, his first choice back then, could be any better than this. And when you add in the sweeping prairie skies? And the Rocky Mountains just to the west?  No question. None at all.


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