Part I – Chapter 2 – 1996

These are examples of presunrise shots that some of the club members had gone out early to capture. The ones who hadn’t left until seven o’clock would have to wait until the How-I-Got-This-Shot session at the next club meeting to see what they’d missed.

Those presunrise blues and oranges and reds.

Usually, Charlie went out for the presunrise stuff, but not this morning. Definitely not this morning. And he was initially surprised that Bobby Jo had stayed behind, as well.

This sunrise is what Bobby Jo gave up so she could tell Charlie she’d like to become his friend.

Whatever, he’d thought. He was solely focused on keeping that sip of coffee down. He wondered if he should head back to his room, slowly, so he’d be closer to the bathroom.

That lackadaisical Whatever certainly changed, however, when he found out a month later what she’d meant by friend.



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