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200221 – No Offloading

If my Self, deep down in my unconscious, is going to give a message of some kind to my conscious self, I need to be waiting in that overlap zone, as I’ve said before, as close to the unconscious side of that zone as possible, and be listening, quietly, and patiently, and respectfully.

Just “plain setting.”

I, alone, and responsible for my life. And I have to accept that responsibility. I can’t try to offload it onto someone else.

I can’t go to an analyst, for example, who talks to me about my dreams and tells me who I really am and what I really ought to be doing.

My Self speaks only to me, not to strangers.

And I can’t go to any officials in any religious organization and try to offload onto them and try to make them responsible for my well-being.

It certainly would be much easier if they could snap their fingers, or lay on their hands, or sprinkle me with water, and say, “Shazam, you are now a member of our organization, so don’t worry. Just pay your fees, and we’ll take it from here. Trust us. You’re saved.”

But again, my Self, my Divine Within, speaks only to my self, not to any of their selves, despite their claims to the contrary.

So unfortunately, or fortunately, there is no offloading of any kind.

There is no one else who can do for me what I need to be doing myself.

And being one of the chosen that Jesus talked about, rather than one of the many who are called, is not really all that difficult. I just have to choose to be chosen.

I just have to choose to be in the world but not of the world.

That means all I have to do is listen. Choose to listen. Choose to sit quietly, and patiently, and regularly, in that overlap zone with my pencil and my notebook.

And sip the odd couple of coffee.


PS – When Jesus said, “For many are called, but few are chosen,” I suspect “the many who are called” are not rejected and cast aside by some irascible divine power with an attitude problem. 

The “many” actually cast themselves aside.

They decide they can’t give up the things of this world, such as money and power, and commit to the world of spirit. 

So they, themselves, are the ones who choose not to be chosen.


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