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But to reiterate what I say at the top of “My Previously-Posted Aphorisms,” When I work on these aphorisms each morning, I am simply thinking out loud with a 3B pencil and a Moleskine notebook to try to understand what I think about various topics.

I’m toying with that ubiquitous question, “How do I know what I think until I read what I’ve written?”

Please note, though, that these are my thoughts and are meant mainly for me.

I most certainly do not offer them as some kind of generalizable truth.

And finally, a suggestion. Some of the ideas in these Sunday aphorisms might make more sense if you read the previously-posted ones first, starting with “Our Unconscious Self,” 2019 August 09.

More recent aphorisms often build on concepts that were discussed earlier.


Judging Myself

2021 June 20

There’s a sense in which, when I judge others, especially when I’m always negative about them, I might well be judging myself.

Maybe I’m even defining myself when I do that.

Do I live in a tiny, little, confined world surrounded by walls of negative energy? A world where my glass is less than half full, perhaps even almost empty? And what’s left in my glass is better to the taste?

If I think about it, and decide I do live in such a world, a world of bitterness, I might then ask why I choose to live there.

Is it possible that I’m unaware that I could choose to do otherwise?

That nothing or no one is forcing me into negativity?

That I, alone, have the freedom to choose where I live?

Surely I would have to know that I’m free to choose.

Surely I would have to know that I can’t blame unawareness.

Laziness maybe.

Selfishness maybe.

But certainly not unawareness.

And I would have to know that I could choose a glass that is at least half full, perhaps even close to full.

If I wanted to.

And therein lies the rub.


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