Congress Sings the Swan Song of the United States of America

The windmills on the other side of that canola field are one of the alternate energy sources in Alberta, Canada, that Charlie  has talked about with BJ on several occasions.


Lately I’m being reminded of something I wrote three or four years ago. Long before I’d ever thought about my website,, and when “No trump” was a bid in a card game.

This particular passage in my novel is set in 2010.

Charlie, one of my main characters, has been talking with his partner, BJ, about alternate sources of energy. He’s been talking mainly about zero-point energy and over-unity devices. He admits he doesn’t really understand quantum field theory, but he trusts that his son, John, does.

John says a few physicists are claiming that we might soon be able to use over-unity devices to tap into the zero-point field and syphon off unlimited power, which would provide more than enough energy to run everything in the entire world.

Use the Force, Luke. Turn off your computer.

Use Zero-Point, World. Turn off your reactors and your oil wells.

Amen. That’s it. I’m done, no matter how much you beg for more.

BJ says once again that she’s not convinced. But Charlie insists that some companies have already developed prototypes of the over-unity devices, and that they work.

You’ve got to be kidding, Charlie. That’s insane. It’s just not possible.

Possible or not, some multi-nationals are starting to show an interest. And if they start funding zero-point research, this whole field will absolutely explode.

A lot of what I know about this comes from John, of course. He told me that he wants his company ready to jump in the second it looks as if these claims about over-unity are true. He said he’d gladly risk a million or two because over-unity would be worth billions and billions if it works. And he thinks it might.

And how many companies, like John’s, are about to start investing their millions, BJ?

He’s also watching cold fusion. We don’t hear much about cold fusion in North America. Know why?

She shook her head. At least she didn’t roll her eyes this time.

John says that according to various websites, good websites, the US Department of Energy has been pressuring their Patents and Trademarks Office not to ratify cold fusion patents, and they have also been threatening universities that if they fund cold fusion research they’ll lose their funding for all their other programs.

And who’s been pressuring the Department of Energy? Perhaps the very same folks who took the US into Afghanistan and Iraq to make billions for themselves.

At least that’s what John thinks.

Most of the world, he says, is really into cold fusion research. Japan, for example, has issued over a hundred patents for it, and Toyota, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Toshiba, Fiat, and the French and German governments are all funding the research.

As are tons of others.

BJ, when I think of zero-point, and cold fusion, and the good ol’ USA, one of the images that sometimes comes to mind is that of a large, opulent stage in an opera house in Washington, DC, filled with most of the Republicans and many of the Democrats who’ve all been bought by their oil-rich, military-rich handlers.

The politicians up there on stage have just finished singing the swan song of the United States of America. The lights begin to dim. The orchestra pit is close to silent, maybe a couple soft violins.

And as the final curtain begins to fall for the final time, the audience leaps to its feet, cheering wildly. Proud to be American. Even though every person in the audience knows that those politicians and their handlers have betrayed America for personal gain.

Nonetheless, they cheer wildly. That’s just what Americans do.

To get elected, almost all US politicians need the backing of the military-industrial complex. That’s how their system works. They need tons of money for their campaigns, and that means they need Faust.

Faustian bargains have worked that way since time immemorial.

And, of course, alliances with Faust invariably end in swan songs.

Consequently, US funding, at this point, only goes to oil and uranium. And that, of course, grows the fortunes of the few über-rich. Alternative energies do get token support. A tad. But zip for over-unity or cold fusion. Not yet. Maybe soon, but not yet.

A tragedy, BJ. An absolute tragedy. And everyone saw it coming. They have for decades. That’s what’s so bizarre. Everyone saw it coming.

She was finding his enthusiasm very interesting. She’d never seen him revved up like this before. She was thoroughly impressed. She reached over and massaged the back of his neck.

In 1795, 1795, note, James Madison, the father of the US constitution, warned that all standing armies are dangerous. They’ve always been created to protect the people, but they’ve always ended by tyrannizing them instead.

Think military-industrial complex, BJ.

Madison went so far as to suggest some at the top might even start wars. Wars create debt, of course, but it’s the many at the bottom who have to pay off those debts, while the über-rich warmongers, who probably pay no taxes, amass offshore fortunes.

President Eisenhower, in his farewell address in the early ’60s, said the same thing. A military-industrial take-over of the US looks inevitable, he said, unless the voters keep a very close eye on every politician with ties to the industries that supply the matériel for the war efforts.

Are you still thinking military-industrial complex, BJ? Eisenhower called them on it.

Get into power. Declare war. Supply the matériel. And become unimaginably rich.

And it has already happened exactly as Madison and Eisenhower feared it might.

A few political families, and everyone knows who they are, have amassed great wealth by betraying the US citizens and by setting the US on a course of political and financial decline. The US is rapidly dwindling from world leader to world follower. It’s a has-been.

And now it’s being sold off to other countries. More and more US industries, more and more US resources, and more and more US real estate, are being swallowed up by owners in other countries.

All that in the last fifty years. And despite being warned, the American people have simply sat back and watched those families and their nefarious cronies destroy the very country they pretend to love. Watched as each day more and more parts of the US take on the characteristics of third-world countries.

And now, goldarnit, because those few at the top won’t allow funding for cold fusion and over-unity research, the US masses are being impoverished even more, while the oil-rich and the military-rich are secreting away billions and billions and billions in foreign countries and private islands to which most of them will probably move fairly soon.

Charlie, when do I get a turn here.

Sorry, BJ. You’re on. I’m done.

First of all, I’ve never seen this side of you before. I like it. I like you this way. But I think you’re being quite unfair to the American people. Maybe a little too black and white. Maybe a little too simplistic. And don’t forget that you’re living with an expat, and that I’m the one who usually makes your coffee. Just think about that, big guy.

But secondly, what I’m most concerned about is your over-unity claims. Surely you don’t really believe that stuff John’s been feeding you. He has a very vivid imagination. I’ve heard you say that any number of times.

I don’t really know where John’s coming from, Charlie, but I think I know where you’re coming from. And I just can’t see you really believing in over-unity.”

We’ll see, BJ. I’m pretty sure I do believe in it. I’m pretty sure it’ll work. And I suspect we’re not going to have to wait long to find out.

John says we’re getting close.”

As I said at the outset, recent events have led me to remember Charlie’s image of that large, opulent stage in an opera house in Washington, DC. The final curtain is falling for the final time. The lights are dimming. The orchestra pit is close to silent. Maybe just a couple soft violins. The swan song had ended.

And we have to ask ourselves, Is Charlie right about the swan song? Or even close to right?

Is BJ right when she disagrees with him?

Or is all this so complicated that we just end up spouting a lot of — nonsense.

An astute comment on politics
The hawk feels better. At least it’s done something. It’s made a contribution, of sorts.


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